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Pricing FAQ

The dbt Power User extension is developed and mainted by Altimate AI. We are a software company based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and have many large enterprise companies as customers.

1. Are you going to charge for current free features in the dbt power user extension?

No. We have no plans to convert existing free features that are not marked as preview features into paid features. We have introduced some new features as "preview" features. We may add execution quota limits on the preivew features in the future for the free tier offering. Please check the pricing page for more details.

2. What are preview features?

These features are available as a “preview” and may change in the future. Preview features are marked by the preview icon or label in the VS Code extension and in the SaaS UI. They are listed under the ‘Pro’ edition column on the pricing page.

3. What's the fair usage policy that is mapped to the extension?

To ensure the sustainability of our services and prevent server overload, we have implemented a Fair Usage Policy. This policy outlines the guidelines and limitations associated with the usage of our free services.

Our Fair Usage Policy establishes a quota that governs the number of "preview" feature executions allowed by a customer within a specific period. The Altimate AI team expects up to 500 executions of "preview" features within a 30-day period, starting on the 1st of every month. Here’s the list of preview features under “Pro edition”. This quota is renewed every month. Features not marked as "preview" in the SaaS UI or in the VS Code extension “dbt-power-user” can be used without any quota limitations.

While we currently do not enforce this quota in the product, we encourage users to reach out to us if they anticipate exceeding the defined quota. In the future, should the quota be exceeded, the customer's use of "preview" features may be temporarily stopped until the quota is renewed by the 1st day of the following month. We value your understanding and cooperation as we work together to provide an optimal experience for all our users.

4. What exactly is an execution of the "preview" feature?

Execution of the “preview” feature is essentially a single use of the feature. You can find definition of execution for different features in the table below.

Feature Definition of Execution
Column lineage Generation of column lineage is considered an execution. Expansion of lineage blocks within that lineage view doesn’t count as an execution.
dbt documentation generation Generation of documentation by clicking “Generate” button is consider an execution. It doesn’t matter for how many columns or model documentation is generated together.
dbt model generation from SQL Converting SQL to dbt model is considered an execution.
Query explanation Generating explanation of the query is considered an execution.
Update dbt code using natural language Generate dbt code with instructions in natural language
Defer to prod (saas mode) Defer to prod functionality with SaaS instance integration
AI agents in SaaS UI Launching an AI agent in SaaS UI is considered an execution.

We hope the above FAQ covers your pricing-related questions. For further questions, please contact us