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Pricing FAQ

The Power User for dbt extension is developed and maintained by Altimate AI. We are a software company based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and have many large enterprise companies as customers.

Info about pricing plans is available on the Pricing page

1. Are you going to charge for current free features in the "power user for dbt" extension?

No. We have no plans to convert previously available free features into paid features. Newly developed features may be released with an execution quota for the free community plan. Please check the pricing page for more details.

2. What exactly is an execution of the feature?

You can find the definition of execution for different features in the table below.

Feature Definition of Execution
Docs Generation Each generated description = 1 execution. For bulk generation, 3 generated descriptions = 1 execution. If you bulk generate descriptions for more than 300 columns, only first 100 executions are counted
Column Lineage Each column lineage generation = 1 execution. Once the lineage for a particular column in a model is generated, no additional executions are counted for that particular column lineage unless VSCode is restarted
Query Explanation Each query explanation= 1 execution, Follow-up question = 1 execution
Model Generation Each dbt model generation = 2 execution
Model Updates Each model change generation = 1 execution
Tests Generation Each test generation = 1 execution
Defer to Prod Each dbt command executed with defer flag (saas mode) = 1 execution
Query Translation Each query translation = 3 executions
Project Governance Each scan = 5 executions
Collaboration One share = 5 executions
AI agent in UI Each input from user = 1 execution

Features that are not listed here, have unlimited free usage. Their usage is not counted in the no. of executions

3. What is considered an upgrade or downgrade of the subscription?

Upgrade or downgrade of the subscription is determined based on the price of the subscription plan. If the price of the original subscription plan is higher than the price of the newer subscription plan, it's considered a downgrade. If the price of the original subscription plan is lower than the price of the new subscription plan, it's considered an upgrade.

4. What happens during an upgrade of the subscription?

As soon as you upgrade the subscription, changes will be made to your instance for the new subscription. You will be charged the difference between a new subscription price and the prorated current subscription price based on the no. of executions remaining.

5. What happens during a downgrade of the subscription?

Your current subscription will be downgraded at the end of the current billing cycle. There is no refund when you downgrade your subscription, as the subscription is downgraded at the end of the billing cycle.

6. What happens if I change from a yearly subscription to a monthly subscription?

If the price of the monthly subscription is lower than the yearly subscription, it's considered a downgrade. So, the change in the subscription will be made only after the current billing period is over.

If you would like to make an immediate change to your subscription, make the change at a yearly plan level. It will be considered an upgrade and will be effective immediately.

If you can't find your question here, please contact us via Slack.