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Generate documentation

Instead of writing documentation manually, you can generate the documentation!

Bulk generate documentation

Bulk documentation generation is possible for all columns. You can also choose to bulk-generate documentation only for columns that are missing descriptions.

Regenerate documentation based on preferences around length and persona

We have added the DataPilot chat panel on the left-hand side. There, you can regenerate documentation based on specific preferences e.g. personas, content length.

You need to enable new experience in the documentation editor to see bulk generate and persona settings options

Here's a demo of generating model and column descriptions:

Document generation requires an API key. You can get it by signing up for free at

Language and Persona Settings

When it comes to generating documentation, the following settings are available.
Language: You can choose between french, english, dutch, geramn at this time. Personas: you can choose between technical user, business user and general user. If you specific general user, we don't use specific persona to generate documentation.

Settings can be configured in the settings panel. Settings panel is opened by clicking "Settings" button in the top right corner of the Documentation Editor tab.

Existing documentation (whether generated or written manually) can be further updated using regeneration functionality with DataPilot.

Save changes in YAML file

You can save the changes in the existing or a new YAML file with save button at the bottom of the panel. If you see any issues with the content that's saved in the YAML file, please check the optional config section.

Recorded Demo