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Preview query results

You can preview the resulting data and SQL query from your code with the extension, export it as CSV and do further analysis.

View the compiled SQL query

You can see compiled SQL code for dbt model easily by clicking on "Compiled dbt preview" operator button from the top right toolbar or hitting (Command + ').


Preview results, export and analyze

You can preview results for the entire dbt model or select part of the dbt model to preview results only for that selection. After you select, Press Cmd+Enter (Mac) or Control+Enter (Windows/Linux) to run a query.

You can also preview query results via "execute dbt SQL" operation from the toolbar on the top right corner. You have to click on the "play" button as shown in the image below.

preview results from toolbar

You can view and copy the SQL query that was executed to get the data results.

In order to view executed SQL query, you need to click on SQL tab inside "Query Results" bottom panel. There is a copy SQL button also, it becomes visible only when you hover over the top right corner. copy sql button

Configure settings for query preview

There are multiple actions available as actions on the top of query results preview window. Please click “configure” button to make it visible.

Action Details
Dark Mode You can change configuration of preview results display to light, dark, solarized etc. display modes
Scroll Mode Free scroll or aligned scroll
Read only Read only or editable mode (Note: editable mode doesn’t save values in the database)
Reset Reset button to reset the view
Export You can export the data in CSV format
Copy You can copy the data shown in the preview. There are multiple options like CSV and JSON format

Query preview is limited to 500 rows by default, this can be configured in Settings area or you can configure query results options in "Help" tab in the bottom panel as below.

You can also change table zoom level with 'scale' setting so you can see more columns in a single view or you can clear results by clicking “clear results” button.

Query results settings