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Multi Project Support with dbt-loom

Power User extension now supports dbt-loom, where native features like query preview, compiled code, column lineage support multi-project references.

Setup dbt-loom in your project

Please make sure dbt_loom.config.yml file is in the root of your multi-project directory

Reference models from other projects in code via auto-complete

Use standard dbt-loom syntax to reference models from other projects. For example,

{{ ref('core', 'orders') }}
where 'orders' model from the 'core' project is referenced.

Reference Loom

Visualize Lineage with models from the other projects

When you visualize the model or column lineage, models from other projects will be shown with the special "ext" type as below.

Lineage Loom


  • Clicking on referenced model name in the code, and then opening that model file doesn't work for multi-project references.

Recorded Demo