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Column Lineage

Lineage is available as model level lineage and column level lineage. You need to add API key to view column level lineage. You can view model level lineage without an API key.

  • Different dbt entities like sources, seeds, models, tests, metrics, exposures and model types are shown in the lineage view.

  • For applicable components, Clicking on "View Details" shows a list of columns with descriptions as well as dbt tests that are written for that particular component. You can click on a column name to change model lineage to column lineage view.

  • In column lineage view, links between components are shown as select links and non-select links. Select links are shown as solid lines if there is direct flow of data between columns through select statements. Non-Select links are shown as dotted-lines if columns appear in condition/clauses like where, join, having, etc. Check Settings tab if you want to disable certain types of links or set specific expansion levels by default.

Expand lineage graph

You can either expand lineage at a single expansion level by clicking (+) signs on individual blocks or you can expand multiple levels of lineage by using expand button as below

Expand Lineage Button

Following are a few limitations in the column level lineage
  • Snapshots are not supported (coming soon)
  • Operators which may result in an incomplete lineage
    • Unnest
    • Lateral View Flatten
    • Json flatten to columns

Interactive demo - column lineage

Recorded demo - column lineage

Column lineage requires an API key. You can get it by signing up for free at