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Troubleshooting Steps

Follow these steps to effectively troubleshoot and resolve issues with the extension:

Setup Wizard

Initially, use the setup wizard. This tool is designed to identify and possibly resolve environment issues automatically. You can access it by selecting "dbt" or "dbt is not installed" in the bottom left bar of the IDE and then clicking on "Setup Extension".

Problems Panel

Check the problems panel for any issues with your dbt project. You can access the problems panel by clicking on the Problems tab.

Viewing the Problems Panel

Check Extension Logs

If the problem persists, examine the logs in the IDE's output panel. Select Log - dbt from the dropdown menu to view detailed extension logs, which can provide details into underlying issues. To access more detailed logs, you can change the log level to "Debug." On a Mac, do this by pressing [Cmd + Shift + P], or on Windows/Linux, use [Ctrl + Shift + P]. Once the command palette opens, type and select Set Log Level, then choose Debug.

Viewing Log - dbt in the Output Panel

Developer Tools

For more in-depth diagnostics, use the developer tools in Visual Studio Code (VSCode). Navigate to Help -> Toggle Developer Tools to access these tools, including a console with detailed logs and error messages.

Accessing Developer Tools in VSCode

Contact Support

If issues still remain unresolved, please contact us via Slack or chat for further assistance.

Feedback Widgets

There are also feedback widgets in the extension embeded in various features, where you can directly provide feedback on the roadmap or any issues that you encountered.

Still stuck? contact us via Slack or chat